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The Ministry is next to seize the global intelligent manufacturing industry development point
Time: 2016-12-30 14:33:33    Browsing: 11863

Inspired by the "4 industry" and the "made in China" policy support, China has accelerated the pace of the manufacturing industry from "manufacturing" to "intelligent manufacturing" to upgrade the pace of "". In this process, with the new generation of information technology and the depth of integration of manufacturing industry, the development of Intelligent Manufacturing in China is obvious.

With the upgrading of the global manufacturing industry and the shift of the economic market, the manufacturing industry of the world has formed three leading regional clusters around the most powerful manufacturing country: Asia Pacific, North America and europe. Asia Pacific regional clusters are developed by China, Japan and South Korea as axis countries. With the rapid development of industrialization, China has become a big manufacturing world, but to achieve the span from big to strong, the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries is an arduous task, the development of intelligent manufacturing manufacturing industry as an important manifestation of digital, intelligent, can not only improve the manufacturing capacity, but also to improve product quality, more can respond to China's current labor and reduce labor costs continue to rise the problem.

The Ministry of industry in 2017 is intelligent manufacturing

January 26th, the Ministry of industry and information technology conference held in Beijing, the Ministry of industry in 2017 identified six key tasks. The Ministry of industry and information technology minister Miao Wei at the meeting, in 2017 the Ministry will focus on solving the outstanding problems facing the development of the industry, based on the actual economic and social development China, more pragmatic to promote the construction of manufacturing power.

The meeting decided that the Ministry of next year focus on including adhere to innovation driven development, full implementation of the "2025 Chinese manufacturing"; deepen the manufacturing industry and Internet integration development, fostering the growth of the six aspects of intelligent manufacturing, new mode. Among them, the spokesman stressed that in 2017 the Ministry will implement intelligent manufacturing engineering, continue to promote intelligent manufacturing special. Efforts to create a "double" platform to support large-scale manufacturing enterprises, Internet companies, basic telecom enterprises to build a number of "double" service platform. Consolidate the basis of integration and security support, the implementation of core fire innovation plan and sensor industry upgrading project.

After the golden age of our country does not fall behind
Intelligent manufacturing is an advanced manufacturing process based on the new generation of information technology. Intelligent manufacturing runs through all aspects of design, production, management, service and other manufacturing activities, and has the functions of information depth self perception, intelligent optimization and self control, and precise control. At present, China's manufacturing industry is from "manufacturing" to "intelligent" upgrade, in the process of upgrading, what will be the investment opportunities worthy of attention?

Inspired by the "industrial 4" and the "China made 2025" policy support, China's governments have introduced including the introduction of talent and project guidance and other policies to support intelligent manufacturing related projects. Support China intelligent manufacturing industry develops rapidly, gradually in each subdivision direction such as electric vehicles, lithium battery, new materials, key production lines and networking equipment and other industries, the formation of "smart power" wide opportunities to upgrade has become a consistent goal throughout the construction industry. In this process, with the integration of the new generation of information technology and manufacturing depth, China's intelligent manufacturing effective development, key technology and equipment to high-end CNC machine tools, industrial robots, intelligent instrument as the representative of the positive progress. The robotics industry is being raised to the national strategy, the next 10 years, the robot industry will usher in trillion scale, networking, sensors, 3D printing and other industries will also usher in the development of trillion trillion scale.

What are the advantages of China's manufacturing industry?

In April this year, DDT and American competitiveness committee released a report "2016 global manufacturing competitiveness index" pointed out that in 2016 China was again listed as the most competitive manufacturing country, but is expected in the next five years Chinese will decline to second. With the integration of manufacturing in the digital world and the physical world, advanced technology is the key to the future competitiveness of the manufacturing industry. China's manufacturing cost advantage relative to the United States is currently less than 5%, is facing great challenges. The cost of manufacturing in the US and China will be small in the next ten years, as China's labor costs rise, America's automated productivity increases, and the dollar's decline.

China rise by manufacturing industry as a cost competitive power industry is experiencing high value manufacturing center to the drastic changes in the process towards a model of manufacturing technology more advanced forward, to integrate with the global innovative market. The resulting shift creates opportunities for other countries to strengthen their role as a low-cost global manufacturing base. Malaysia, India, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam, the five Asia Pacific countries are expected in the next five years will be among the top 15 in the competitiveness of the manufacturing industry. These countries have low labor cost, flexible manufacturing capacity, favorable market, population distribution and economic growth, the next five years, five strong competitiveness ranking will be increased, and China continued in the manufacturing sector will shift to higher value manufacturing mode and advanced technology.